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the stupidiest mistake you can ever make.

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Oct. 16th, 2009 | 02:34 pm
mood: frustratedfrustrated
music: Into The New World - SNSD

omg i know i'm supposed to restrict myself to blogging or whatever until end of eoys, but i really can't help myself cause...



especially history~ gosh i'm so relieved that i can finally have a history-less weekend. and dedicate it fully to science and geog. especially science~ math.. aiyah i don't think need lah.

so today's paper.. math.. i found it manageable. gahh but that stupid question 9a made me think for 25min! and GUESS WHAT?! THE ANSWER THAT I MISSED WAS PROVIDED IN THE QUESTION LIKE WTF!!! they asked to prove the congruent triangles, which i went on happily writing they had a shared angle, and the length was the same due to the equal sides of a rhombus.. then i got STUCK. i RE-READ the question, and still got stuck. that's the worse thing lah. then i looked at the diagram and came out with all sorts of cheem reasoning i myself couldn't understand and none of it work. AND THE FREAKING LAST EQUAL ANGLE WAS STATED IN THE FREAKING QUESTION! GAHHHH!!

so people.. if you say that you've made a stupid mistake in math, please find me. cause I CAN GUARANTEE MY MISTAKE IS THE STUPIDIEST EVER. LIKE WHO WOULDN'T SEE THE ANSWER WHICH IS PROVIDED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES?!?!?

so there goes my 1 or 2 marks.... *sobs* and it's guaranteed i have some careless mistake here and there.. since i never have a full marks math exam except when i was in P4... oh yes and how can someone who wants to go to mstp make this mistake?! GAH! if i don't get in cause of this mistake.. i dunno what i will do to myself :/ okay just kidding.

okay now to history.. okay i guess.. but i got quite freaked out when i stoned at the essay questions for 15 seconds and didn't know how to do or what to do. then the rest of the time was basically  breathing in, writing like mad, and experiencing shoulder cramps. hmm. oh yes, and thank you bernie for the tip - to crap out your own meaning in a cheem way. that's what i did for ALL THREE history definitions! wahahaaa~

yesterday's chinese was kinda screwed... no idea how badly i did for the first section. though i quite like writing the compo and situational writing in paper one. don't kill me for this please.

lang arts.. i'm prepared to screw it too.. since it's the first time in my life writing a fiction (or is it non-fiction) compo. hmm.. and lit response was almost like forcing my answers out... i was so disappointed that i completely couldn't understand the poem.

and today i got my retainers. okay i hate my retainers. gahh. it's worse than having braces lah. moreover, my retainers isn't the wanqing/qiuhao-type, the 100% transparent where you can easily pop it out of your mouth like what wanqing always does, it's the ling-an-type gosh. the one with a metal wire and some pink thing so that it can 'camouflage' into your gums. and i tell you, it's DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE. and i CAN'T TALK PROPERLY. like even worse than having braces lah. i sound like my mouth is damn full or something. and moreover i have to wear BOTH top and bottom! whereas i think ling an only wears for the bottom! GOSH! AND IT'S SO MAFAN TO TAKE OUT WHEN I'M EATING!! okay but at least there's another excuse for me to not eat wahahhahaaa. i shall try to lose weight during dec hols. don't kill me for this either. cause i seriously can't stand my legs. period (okay i learnt fromi bernie that period = end of discussion?? dunno if i'm using it correctly though lol)

so i shall go enjoy this weekend with science+geog and perhaps a little math~ and continue to be irritated with my retainers =.=

and i think this is my longest post ever on livejournal! though i hardly post to begin with.

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