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May. 18th, 2011 | 11:08 pm

It's been a long time since I had such a packed schedule. All lunches this week filled and almost all after schools filled too.

Lunch: PSL EXCO meeting


Lunch: PSL GM
After School: French controle, tuition

Thursday (Integration quiz)
Lunch: Choreo fac dance
After school: Meet Lance Teo, chiong practice jiti for Open House performance

Friday (Expository timed trial)
Lunch: Choreo fac dance
After school: Set up wushu booth

8am-2pm: Wushu booth for Open House (9.30am, 1.30pm performance)
3pm-8pm: SLC fac training

Frigging pack hehe! Feels really exhausing but yet I'm willing to challenge myself. Especially scared of burning out during SLC fac training cause I REALLY WANNA STOP BEING SHY AND BE MORE OPEN AND BOND MORE RAWR. Damn irritated with myself for being so damnnnn quiet during first fac training. ):


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May. 13th, 2011 | 06:26 pm

CSM was one hell of an experience. Well actually more of post-CSM. The event itself was quite cool though, playing with guys was a really good eyeopener but made me feel zibei about how crappy I am compared to them. But we thrashed 4B1 in tennis HAHAHA. And seeing you not once, but more than that, and you don’t know how terribly shocked I was during the first time especially. Didn’t see it coming at all. Convincing myself that it’s nothing more than a pure coincident. 

June camp meeting after that turned out to be a really deep heart to heart one, mainly because of me. Felt particularly tired at the start, but I think that was just my excuse to cover up me being really sad and thinking about loads of things.

Thanks to a person who knows quite a lot of details about it, a person who has a really interesting insight to life, and a person who reads lots of romance books, I’ve realised quite a few stuffs.

Realised that love doesn’t only make me blind towards your partner, but also to the world around, the people around me.

Realised that others actually know me better than I know myself. Like a lot better.

Realised that that relationship has not only made me lose you in the end, but almost some of my few close friends.

Realised that though I feel like I don’t have much close friends, but there are actually people out there who care for my well being all this while. This really heartens me.

Realised that I didn’t know what I became during that period of time, and I’ve actually really change then, and now.

Realised that one of my biggest flaws is overthinking, and overanalyzing every single small bit of detail.

Realised that I lock away so much of my feelings, that now I don’t even know what I’m really feeling.

Realised that I prioritised wrongly then, causing me to feel like I’ve no friends to really depend on now.

Realised that it still hasn’t gone away, that I’m nowhere near moving on, just that I am disillusioning myself that I am.

Realised that after all these, I still ain't sure what you're thinking/feeling, and somehow I wonder if I'm the only one feeling like this.

Really, a big shout out to Pingghee, Wanqing and Qiuhao, thanks for telling me stuffs I never knew, thanks for talking, trying to advice me though there's no point liao, thanks for actually willingly talk to me for 2+h about it, thanks for not making me feel awkward when I was tearing (I think? haha). REALLY REALLY BIG THANK YOU. If it wasn't for you guys I might most prolly go home and cry myself to sleep HAHAH. >.< 

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(no subject)

Mar. 21st, 2011 | 12:18 am

Is there ANYTHING that can permanently remove a segment of your memory that you want to erase forever??
Oh gosh why is this hitting me so hard, and right before the start of term 2. Awful way to start a new term man.

I really suck luh. Used to think I would manage this so well, I would have no problems tiding this stupid wave, and when I thought I did my brain somehow magically activates that memory again.


You on the other hand doing so well. And I'm like this horrible piece of matter trying to be okay but my stupid brain refuses to. You know what, I really do suck.

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Day 13

Nov. 9th, 2010 | 12:00 pm

Lj-ing from school's computer cause it's computer lesson now! And I can't really do much cause of the firewall. And it's quite sad how most of the people are doing their own stuffs (cause I'm sitting at the back, can see everyone's computer screen), but actually I'm also doing my own stuffs too so... Well have no idea what's the computer lesson about anyway.

Earlier on chem lesson was quite fail.. cause I couldn't understand a thing of what the teacher said. Like chemistry in chinese is like a totally new language to me. Could only understand the chemical equations written on the blackboard. Acid bases and salt kind of stuffs, and mole concept. Oh and the previous lesson (Chinese), the form teacher was so nice to photocopy extra zuowen examples for us to read! It's like the zuowen they did during their exams, and the question is really free and easy! Unlike Singapore's kind which is so restrictive and there's no room to imagine stuffs. It's like writing about a friend who is _____, and you can choose your own one word adjective to fill in the blank. And they only have to write at least 800 words which is like two sides? Their style of writing is totally like those kind of mini xiao shuo kind. Really love two of the five pieces of essays she printed for us.


CHINA'S POCKY ROCKS TO THE MAX. Have like 18 boxes of Pokys in my dormitory hehe. Love those flavours you can't' find in SIngapore. Like Green Tea. Almond, Hazelnut, Banana, Blueberry, Coffee... Unlike Singapore's Poky flavour which is so boring, Chocolate Strawberry Milk. Totally going to miss the Poky here when I leave.

Don't feel homesick at all, which I kinda expected it! Enjoying life here in BSC! :D Although one particular person pisses quite a lot of people of, like the way she complains about being surrounded by hwachong guys when she's the one who obviously wanted it and enjoys their presence =.=, well other than that BSC is awesome~ Fortunately I hardly see her so not that affected by her.

About gaining weight, seriously have no idea how much I've gained hehe. Have been finishing people's leftover food, munching on tibits between lessons and in the night, piling my metal plate with dishes and rice. Won't be surprised if I gained weight, but I ain't that worried about it cause the last time I gained 3kg after a week of hospital stay, I totally lost the extra weight after a few days. :D

My mum's birthday is tomorrow!! Ahh sad that I can't spend it by her side, but hopefully she likes the present I emailed her!

Can't believe already 13 days have past, and we've less than a month left here in Beijing ahhhh! It better snow one day when we're here! Actually I've experience snow before but still it'll be yi2 han4 if we can't see snow during this trip. Glad that weather is turning colder these few days, lowest temperature 1 degree now, but I still don't find it THAT cold. It's only the wind sometimes that makes it really chilly.

Wheee okay shall end here. I actually type out my daily diary in a Microsoft word document but I'll paste it in my blog/livejournal when I return to SIngapore. :D

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Nov. 1st, 2010 | 01:37 pm




28 October

Toothbrush: 5.20

Green Tea Poky: 2 x 5.90 = 11.80

Almond Chocolate Poky: 9.00

Minute Maid Tropical Juice 450ml: 2 x 2.90 = 5.80

Plastic Bag: 0.20

Telephone card money: 45.00

Group Sharing Groceries (Air Freshener, Body Lotion, Detergent, Suction Hooks): 9.00

Money from WDD: -20.00

Total: 66.00


29 October

Transport card top-up: 50.00

Lunch (Fried Chicken + Pork Ramen): 4.00 + 18.00 = 22.00

Traditional Clothes mass photoshoot: 8.00

Minute Maid 果粒奶优 450ml: 5.00

Red Bean Ice Cream: 2.00         

Soya Bean Milk 500ml: 5.00

Garfield Japanese Pancake (Red Bean & Chocolate Flavour): 2 x 4.00 = 8.00

Mini Hotdog Bread: 2.00

Hotdog Bread: 5.50

Total: 107.50


30 October

Boots: 66.00

Long Sleeve White Print Shirt: 25.00

Black Shorts: 29:00

White Belt: 10.00

Grey Hoodie: 35.00

White Hat: 35.00

Lunch in Beijing Zoo (Chicken Steak in Tomato Sauce with Rice): 30.00

Dinner (Peking Roast Duck Restaurant near Dormitory): 16.00

Green Tea 1 Litre: 4.50

Pork Ribs Cup Noodles: 3.50

Garfield Japanese Pancake Chocolate: 4.00

Danish Cake: 4.50

Money from WDD: -50.00

Total: 212.50


31 October

Orange Red Checkered Sneakers: 150.00

Insoles: 20.00

Le Sportsac Backpack: 50.00

Adidas White Jacket: 120.00

Prada Orange Wallet: 120.00

Poky Banana Flavoured: 5.90

Money from WDD: -10.00

Total: 455.90


ANd yay for the darn good internet now ^^

But nobody is online cause everyone in school now ): and LOL tried webcaming Shichun who's just beside me only. Epic.

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Dec. 22nd, 2009 | 11:22 pm
mood: hyperhyper
music: Again and Again - 2PM

Spamming super funny 2PM gifs here! Merci to the wonderful LJ cut function! If blogger had it I'll post it there instead LOL.

Mass Spammage!Collapse )

That's all~ Credits to those who uploaded these on photobucket ^^

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Nov. 11th, 2009 | 10:22 am
mood: hyperhyper

The school is having ICT lessons now~ And we get free time woohoo!
Oh man lots of stuffs are blocked in china.. youtube, facebook, blogger><
Fortunately LJ is not blocked heh!
The school here is very nice! And Charissa is DAMN amusing.. rolling on the floor (literally!) and laughing about a hamburger video I showed her =.=
Okay shall end here~
Miss me ya~ Haha just kidding!

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the stupidiest mistake you can ever make.

Oct. 16th, 2009 | 02:34 pm
mood: frustratedfrustrated
music: Into The New World - SNSD

omg i know i'm supposed to restrict myself to blogging or whatever until end of eoys, but i really can't help myself cause...



especially history~ gosh i'm so relieved that i can finally have a history-less weekend. and dedicate it fully to science and geog. especially science~ math.. aiyah i don't think need lah.

so today's paper.. math.. i found it manageable. gahh but that stupid question 9a made me think for 25min! and GUESS WHAT?! THE ANSWER THAT I MISSED WAS PROVIDED IN THE QUESTION LIKE WTF!!! they asked to prove the congruent triangles, which i went on happily writing they had a shared angle, and the length was the same due to the equal sides of a rhombus.. then i got STUCK. i RE-READ the question, and still got stuck. that's the worse thing lah. then i looked at the diagram and came out with all sorts of cheem reasoning i myself couldn't understand and none of it work. AND THE FREAKING LAST EQUAL ANGLE WAS STATED IN THE FREAKING QUESTION! GAHHHH!!

so people.. if you say that you've made a stupid mistake in math, please find me. cause I CAN GUARANTEE MY MISTAKE IS THE STUPIDIEST EVER. LIKE WHO WOULDN'T SEE THE ANSWER WHICH IS PROVIDED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES?!?!?

so there goes my 1 or 2 marks.... *sobs* and it's guaranteed i have some careless mistake here and there.. since i never have a full marks math exam except when i was in P4... oh yes and how can someone who wants to go to mstp make this mistake?! GAH! if i don't get in cause of this mistake.. i dunno what i will do to myself :/ okay just kidding.

okay now to history.. okay i guess.. but i got quite freaked out when i stoned at the essay questions for 15 seconds and didn't know how to do or what to do. then the rest of the time was basically  breathing in, writing like mad, and experiencing shoulder cramps. hmm. oh yes, and thank you bernie for the tip - to crap out your own meaning in a cheem way. that's what i did for ALL THREE history definitions! wahahaaa~

yesterday's chinese was kinda screwed... no idea how badly i did for the first section. though i quite like writing the compo and situational writing in paper one. don't kill me for this please.

lang arts.. i'm prepared to screw it too.. since it's the first time in my life writing a fiction (or is it non-fiction) compo. hmm.. and lit response was almost like forcing my answers out... i was so disappointed that i completely couldn't understand the poem.

and today i got my retainers. okay i hate my retainers. gahh. it's worse than having braces lah. moreover, my retainers isn't the wanqing/qiuhao-type, the 100% transparent where you can easily pop it out of your mouth like what wanqing always does, it's the ling-an-type gosh. the one with a metal wire and some pink thing so that it can 'camouflage' into your gums. and i tell you, it's DAMN UNCOMFORTABLE. and i CAN'T TALK PROPERLY. like even worse than having braces lah. i sound like my mouth is damn full or something. and moreover i have to wear BOTH top and bottom! whereas i think ling an only wears for the bottom! GOSH! AND IT'S SO MAFAN TO TAKE OUT WHEN I'M EATING!! okay but at least there's another excuse for me to not eat wahahhahaaa. i shall try to lose weight during dec hols. don't kill me for this either. cause i seriously can't stand my legs. period (okay i learnt fromi bernie that period = end of discussion?? dunno if i'm using it correctly though lol)

so i shall go enjoy this weekend with science+geog and perhaps a little math~ and continue to be irritated with my retainers =.=

and i think this is my longest post ever on livejournal! though i hardly post to begin with.

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Aug. 15th, 2009 | 10:28 pm
mood: workingworking


wow. i'm looking forward to the 12pm of wednesday. cause all of the above mentioned will be over then. and then there will be stuffs to look forward to! like chinese heritage centre on friday! and crab flower play on saturday! :D

and i still managed to procrastinate by playing restaurant city, and watching the first three episodes of ISWAK. gosh. i can EVEN procrastinate for piano exams.... let alone EOYS. O:

but i am very grateful that poems don't have to rhyme. else i'm dead.

for french... i just hope i can understand everything and complete the redaction.

for piano.. i will be looking forward to the end of scales and pieces. and hope i don't make any mistakes. and oh yes, must be CALM AND FOCUSED.

wish me luck people! :D

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Aug. 9th, 2009 | 10:00 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!! :D heh! i've been watching it started with a kiss 2 (despite not watching the first season at all) and mugging piano like mad. watched ISWAK2 cause so many people watch and say it's nice! so watch lor! and ZOMG i like watching it! haha

i like the character of JIANG ZHI SHU! he's like freaking genius with IQ of 200! like ZOMG lah! and this drama kinda motivates me to want to become a doctor more! :D cause that jiang zhi shu is a doctor and his wife is a nurse mah. then got a lot of hospital related stuffs!

i think i'll be able to finish all twenty episodes by this long weekend! haha pro or what?

and gosh mugging for piano. i never knew you could SLACK while practicising piano. like instead of playing your scales and exam pieces, you end up playing your other extra pieces. and that's what i always do gosh. and practicing of scales make my whole arm suan lah! especially the left arm. ESPECIALLY chromatic scales. it's the easiest scales but the most tiring i guess.

and shoot! two weeks later is FRENCH CONTROLE 3 and my PIANO EXAM >< and they are only two days apart! GREAT HUH.


i've decided what to use this LJ blog for: to post super short and relatively unimportant posts since it's not as publicise as my blogger blog. even i think only my friends of my LJ account reads this post LOL. and i'll use this blog to post stuffs to remind me to post on blogger in case that day don't have a lot of things to blog about. just like this weekend, since i'm only watching ISWAK2 and piano-ing heh!

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