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Aug. 7th, 2009 | 09:36 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed

I AM VERY NEW TO LIVEJOURNAL. hmm. it feels... weird and different. i end up asking for all sorts of help from cherie cause i have no idea how to navigate myself. (hope she isn't too annoyed with me)

gosh i created this cause i wanted to after blocks, and even more so cause stupid blogger is screwed. the posting window is totally weird. gosh. like THIS WEIRD:

OMFG i managed to upload a picture! okay i feel stupid and technology in-advanced (okay is there such a word hmm)

it's TOTALLY SCREWED. great timing huh blogger! when we all want to slack and there you go slacking for us RIGHT AFTER BLOCKS. i dunno if i'm the only one experiencing this problem though. i hope so.

although i believe i still can post despite the screwed layout, i wouldn't feel very comfortable posting.. like i dunno why either. hmm.. and i'm really really apologetic to my very very dead blog which WAS a damn update one before! ><

but i think i'll use this more as a backup for screwed blogger *pokes at subtext below my big name in this window* or maybe when i wanna have a new change? then i'll use this? aiyah but i feel that i'll use blogger more often. so this one will be kinda.. ehh.. DEAD. yah so don't look forward to anything nice here.

oh yes livejournal the layout so funny one.. i guess i'm not used to it. and there's no BLOGSKINS. well they are like customised or something? and they are some provided.. but it's not that special like blogger... ahh wells.. but i would say the posting window look more professional than blogger! OH WHAT I LOVE ABOUT LJ IS THE MOOD THING AT THE BOTTOM. i think it's damn cool lah! don't you think so? haha! xD

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