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Day 13

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Nov. 9th, 2010 | 12:00 pm

Lj-ing from school's computer cause it's computer lesson now! And I can't really do much cause of the firewall. And it's quite sad how most of the people are doing their own stuffs (cause I'm sitting at the back, can see everyone's computer screen), but actually I'm also doing my own stuffs too so... Well have no idea what's the computer lesson about anyway.

Earlier on chem lesson was quite fail.. cause I couldn't understand a thing of what the teacher said. Like chemistry in chinese is like a totally new language to me. Could only understand the chemical equations written on the blackboard. Acid bases and salt kind of stuffs, and mole concept. Oh and the previous lesson (Chinese), the form teacher was so nice to photocopy extra zuowen examples for us to read! It's like the zuowen they did during their exams, and the question is really free and easy! Unlike Singapore's kind which is so restrictive and there's no room to imagine stuffs. It's like writing about a friend who is _____, and you can choose your own one word adjective to fill in the blank. And they only have to write at least 800 words which is like two sides? Their style of writing is totally like those kind of mini xiao shuo kind. Really love two of the five pieces of essays she printed for us.


CHINA'S POCKY ROCKS TO THE MAX. Have like 18 boxes of Pokys in my dormitory hehe. Love those flavours you can't' find in SIngapore. Like Green Tea. Almond, Hazelnut, Banana, Blueberry, Coffee... Unlike Singapore's Poky flavour which is so boring, Chocolate Strawberry Milk. Totally going to miss the Poky here when I leave.

Don't feel homesick at all, which I kinda expected it! Enjoying life here in BSC! :D Although one particular person pisses quite a lot of people of, like the way she complains about being surrounded by hwachong guys when she's the one who obviously wanted it and enjoys their presence =.=, well other than that BSC is awesome~ Fortunately I hardly see her so not that affected by her.

About gaining weight, seriously have no idea how much I've gained hehe. Have been finishing people's leftover food, munching on tibits between lessons and in the night, piling my metal plate with dishes and rice. Won't be surprised if I gained weight, but I ain't that worried about it cause the last time I gained 3kg after a week of hospital stay, I totally lost the extra weight after a few days. :D

My mum's birthday is tomorrow!! Ahh sad that I can't spend it by her side, but hopefully she likes the present I emailed her!

Can't believe already 13 days have past, and we've less than a month left here in Beijing ahhhh! It better snow one day when we're here! Actually I've experience snow before but still it'll be yi2 han4 if we can't see snow during this trip. Glad that weather is turning colder these few days, lowest temperature 1 degree now, but I still don't find it THAT cold. It's only the wind sometimes that makes it really chilly.

Wheee okay shall end here. I actually type out my daily diary in a Microsoft word document but I'll paste it in my blog/livejournal when I return to SIngapore. :D

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